If you’re planning to be married soon, we offer you our congratulations, and pray God’s blessings upon you. If you would like to be married at Saint Joseph’s, please make an appointment to speak with the vicar at least six months before the tentative date of your wedding, to allow time for premarital counseling and reflection. In the meantime, this short introduction may answer some of your initial questions.

Who may be married at Saint Joseph’s?

Marriage is a physical and spiritual union into which two people enter, within their community of faith. Typically, therefore, one or both members of the couple are members of, or regular worshippers at, Saint Joseph’s. Weddings may also be performed for the daughters or sons of members. The vicar may approve other, exceptional cases. By canon, at least one party to the marriage must be a baptized Christian; the couple must have received premarital counseling by the vicar or someone designated by her.

Weddings are not normally celebrated in Lent.

There is no charge to members of Saint Joseph’s for the celebration of a wedding; a gift to our homeless outreach fund or to the vicar’s discretionary fund is always appreciated. Non-members will be asked to pay a fee for the use of our buildings.

Can divorced persons marry in the church?

Yes, with the bishop’s approval, which the vicar must request several months before the wedding date. If one of the parties is divorced or widowed, tell the vicar at the initial meeting.

What form does the wedding liturgy take?

Weddings at St. Joseph’s are celebrated according to the Book of Common Prayer (1979). It is desirable for family and friends of the couple to take part in the service, e.g. serving as readers and bringing forth the elements for Communion.

The vicar has final discretion over the music to be played at any wedding, on the advice of the St. Joseph’s organist. It is expected that our organist will provide the music. If she is not available, she may assist the couple in finding another musician. The organ or piano may be augmented by other instruments upon consultation with, and approval of, the organist. The organist will be paid the current market rate for both the rehearsal and the wedding ceremony.

Photography is not permitted during the service. Photographs may be taken inside the church for up to half an hour after the service.

The church may be decorated with flowers. We ask that any flower arrangements on the altar be donated to the church for the Sunday Eucharist.