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Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost –Dr. Joel Marcus


Matthew 18:21-35

Our Gospel text for today, the Parable of the Unforgiving Slave, is one that I struggle with. When I saw that this was the Gospel reading for today, I briefly considered preaching on the Old Testament lesson instead. But I preached on an Old Testament text my last time in this pulpit, a few weeks ago, and besides the Old Testament lesson is a bit thorny too—were all of the Egyptians so wicked, did they all deserve to be drowned in the sea? I could have preached on the Psalm, but that is just a recapitulation, in hymnic form, of the drowning-the-Egyptians story. I even thought of preaching on the Epistle text from Romans, but that seemed like unpromising material too—I couldn’t imagine how I could make anyone interested in the dispute between the vegetarians and the omnivores in the church of Rome.

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