Sunday Morning Forum 4: Daily Office 1

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Daily Office 1: Background, Daily Morning Prayer, Opening Sentences, the Confession of Sin, the Exhortation, the General Confession, and the Absolution.


Two Elements to the daily office:

  1. Setting apart of certain times of the day for prayer.
  2. Frequent repetition of the songs and traditions of the community.

Participation (Corporate services) – Role of the officiant and assistants?

Morning Prayer

Opening Sentences (pp. 37-41 and 75-78)

Confession of Sin: The Exhortation (pp. 41 and 79)

  • What are the purposes of the Daily office according to the exhortation?
  • What sorts of virtues are outlined? How do we see those lived out beyond the Office?
  • Discuss the actions of preparation, kneeling, and silence; how do these inform our discipleship?

The General Confession (pp. 41-42 and 79)

  • In the general confession we should be aware not only of our individual sins but also our failures as a community. To the extant you are comfortable doing so, what thoughts do you have about these?
  • Confession and Romans 7

The Absolution (pp. 42 and 80)

  • What is provided for us in God’s gift of forgiveness?
  • Discuss the important differences in who says the Absolution.

Examining St. Joseph’s pilgrimage

  • How has simply gathering for the Daily Office shaped the common life and work of St. Joseph’s?
  • How has the Daily Office informed your calling?
  • How has the practice of confession shaped your relationships with others?


  • The Book of Common Prayer
  • Hatchett, Marrion J. Commentary on the American Prayer Book. The Seabury Press: 1980.