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Fifth Sunday after the Epiphany

“The City built on ‘the Hill’ cannot be hid”

OT: Isaiah 58:1-12
Psalm: Psalm 112:1-10
NT: 1 Corinthians 2:1-16
Gospel: Matthew 5:13-20

“A city built on a hill cannot be hid.”

You may or may not know that our church has a nickname: it’s called “the Hill.” Our homeless brothers and sisters have given us this name, no doubt because St. Joe’s sits on something of a hill in the neighborhood and because our location on Main Street, between 9th and East Campus, is certainly a prominent one in our town.

But “the Hill” has gained notoriety on the streets for being a place of hospitality, friendship, and the breaking of bread. We have gained a distinct reputation as a peculiar little city on a hill, a city with a fresh kind of politics that gathers young and old, rich and poor, male and female, white and black. The unusual bonds of Christian friendship we sow here shine as a light to the world around us, signaling that this is a place where you are welcome, where you can find community, and where the possibility for discovering new life with others is unique. Even if you have a background full of hardship and turmoil, the little church on “the Hill” can be a place of healing and renewal, a place where you can find yourself in the communion of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

And, if there is any doubt these days that God’s Church has lost its saltiness — its taste –well come join us for breakfast some morning after 7:30 prayer. I guarantee, for better or worse, our renowned cheese grits will have plenty of salt. Continue reading

The Presentation of our Lord — Rev. Karen Barfield

Psalm 84
Luke 2:22-40

In the name of the one, holy and living God. Amen.

Here in this holy place
we are safe to rest for a while.
For palpable is the movement of the Holy Spirit among us.

We gather today in the loving embrace of the Triune God:
confident in God’s care of us —
the God who nourishes us out of [Her] goodness,
who leads us like a Shepherd to the true and living waters,
and who teaches us to love through [Her] everlasting love.

Surely it is God who saves us…
we will trust in Him and not be afraid.

How often do we stop long enough to rest for a while in God’s loving embrace, confident in God’s care for us? Continue reading