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6 Pentecost — The Rev. Karen C. Barfield

2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14
Luke 9:51-62

May the words of my mouth and the meditations of all our hearts be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, our strength and our redeemer. Amen.

Elijah and Jesus are on the final legs of their journeys,
and they have disciples in tow….
disciples who follow along without knowing the destination or, even, the way to it,
but, they are following along as faithfully as they can.

Elisha follows Elijah from Gilgal to Bethel to Jericho to the Jordan.

And at every point along the way, Elijah tells Elisha to “stay put” because the Lord has sent him further along the journey.

Elisha doesn’t know where he’s going, but he is committed to going the whole journey with Elijah wherever it leads. Continue reading

Ash Wednesday — The Rev. Karen C. Barfield

Psalm 103
Matthew 6:1-6,16-21

In the name of the one, holy and living God:
Creator, Redeemer and Sanctifying Spirit. Amen.

“Amazing grace!
how sweet the sound,
that saved a wretch like me!”

For us Episcopalians the common theme of Lent is all-too-often our wretchedness.

And for a few of us who grew up in certain denominations, our wretchedness – our sinfulness – is not relegated to six weeks but is a year long focus!

This year I want to offer us a slightly different focus: GRACE! Continue reading