Sunday Morning Forum 7: Daily Office 4

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Daily Office 4: The Prayers: The Salutation, The Lord’s Prayer, The Suffrages, Collects, Intercessions, General Thanksgiving/Prayer of Saint Chrysostom, The Dismissal

Daily Office in Review

  • How does the church’s regular gathering for prayer at specific times of the day, which includes praying for those who are absent, shape your understanding of time alone or time apart from the community?
  • After going from penitence to praise, the Creed serves as a transition in the Office from praise to “common prayer.”
  • How does the Daily Office help make the church community into the family of God?

Morning Prayer

  • The Salutation, The Lord’s Prayer
  • The Lord’s Prayer takes first place; all other prayer flows from it. Discuss this further.

The Suffrages, Collects

  • The suffrages are a means of involving the people in the common prayers. Discuss the differences between set A and set B, and how these introduce the collects.
  • Usually 3 Collects are read:
    • Collect of the Day ties prayer into where we are in the Church Calendar
    • Seven Collects appropriate to the morning are given. 3 are for specific days: Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. What do these serve to memorialize in the Christian story?
    • Three Collects for Mission are given to connect the Office to the universal and evangelistic concerns of the Church.

Intercessions, General Thanksgiving/Prayer of Saint Chrysostom, The Dismissal

  • Although our local intercessions are optional, how are these crucial to common prayer?
  • Discuss the links between God’s love, thanksgiving, and our service in the General Thanksgiving. How do our “lives” at St. Joseph’s follow our “lips”?
  • In the prayer of St. Chrysostom, God’s presence is linked to “wherever two or three are gathered together” (emphasis mine). What does this say about the nature of the Christian faith fundamentally?
  • Review the movements of MP from penitence to praise, then to common prayer and ending with thanksgiving. How might such a gathering “dismiss us” or “send us out” into the world?


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