Sunday Morning Forum 5: Daily Office 2

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Daily Office 2: The Invitatory and Psalter, The Antiphons, Venite, Jubilate, Christ our Passover, Psalms Appointed, Gloria Patri

Morning Prayer

The Invitatory and Psalter (pp. 42 and 80)

  • The opening versicle comes from Psalm 51; how do these words set the tone for the Office?
  • The Gloria Patri introduces the psalmody of the day and also bookends it. Doctrinally, this short offering of praise specifies the Trinitarian God we worship. What are the implications of “…as it was in the beginning, is now, and will be for ever…”?

The Antiphons (pp. 42-44 and 80-82)

  • The antiphon is generally a verse of scripture appropriate to the liturgical season and leads into the saying of the Venite. Here again we see the way the office ties together our daily lives to the seasons of the year. Highlight the themes or points of emphasis these antiphons surface for each season.

Venite, Jubilate, Christ our Passover (pp. 44-46 and 82-83)

  • Venite
    • The first two verses are a call to praise God with psalms; the subsequent verses give the reasons. What are these?
    • Read the last portion of Psalm 95. Discuss why this is usually included on Fridays, Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and the days of Lent.
  • Jubilate. Discuss the attributes of God named in this Psalm.
  • Christ our Passover (Pasha Nostrum)
    • This is said during the season of Easter. Discuss the themes of Exodus/Passover, Eucharist, Baptism, and the first/second Adam.

The Psalm and Gloria Patri (pp. 42 and 80)

  • At St. Joseph’s we say the 30-day Psalter. Discuss your thoughts or experiences of this. How do the psalms “read” us in daily prayer?
  • How does saying the Gloria after the Psalms tie in the Trinity as the lens through which we read Old Testament scripture?

Examining St. Joseph’s pilgrimage

  • How has simply gathering for the Daily Office shaped the common life and work of St. Joseph’s?
  • How has the Daily Office informed your calling?
  • How have the psalms shaped your relationships with others?


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  • Hatchett, Marrion J. Commentary on the American Prayer Book. The Seabury Press: 1980.