Sunday Morning Forum 1: Introduction to SMF

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General desire for more Christian education, formation, reflection, and nourishment.

6-week trial last spring — some positives; some negatives.

St. Joseph’s: lots of activity; very little breathing space!

Are we on the same page? Where have we been? What are we doing? Where are we going? (Individually and collectively)

Pilgrimage and anamnesis

A pilgrimage is a journey undertaken in light of a story. A great event has happened; the pilgrim hears the reports and goes in search of the evidence, aspiring to be an eyewitness. The pilgrim seeks not only to confirm the experience of others firsthand but to be changed by the experience. Pilgrims often make the journey in company, but each must be changed individually; they must see for themselves, each with his or her own eyes. And as they return to ordinary life the pilgrims must tell others what they saw, recasting the story in their own terms. Paul Elie, The Life You Save May Be Your Own

Anamnesis is the antithesis of amnesia. […] A person with amnesia has lost identity and purpose. To know who you are, to whom you belong, and where you are headed, you must remember…. A Christian is one for whom, through anamnesis, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ is a present reality, and one who has already entered the Kingdom, though it is not yet realized in its fullness. Marion J. Hatchett, Forward to the Commentary on the American Prayer Book


Zygmunt Bauman, “From Pilgrim to Tourist — or a Short History of Identity,” in Stuart Hall and Paul du Guy, eds., Questions of Cultural Identity (1996).

Please see Tyler if you would like a copy of this article.

Current plan

  • Tyler will facilitate.
  • Please direct questions, suggestions, criticisms to him at
  • Work through BCP each week as the source of our conversations.
  • Read our lives and the work of our parish through the story enacted in our worship (i.e. the BCP). We will also bring to bear things we’re reading/writing/working on, current events, etc.
  • Self-disclosure is welcome, but not required! Please respect those who share, especially if it is of a sensitive nature.
  • Confrontation, critique, and disagreement are also welcome (if not encouraged), but please do so with a spirit of charity, forbearance, and patience!
  • Adjust as necessary!

Additional suggestions?